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       California Drilling & Blasting Company, Incorporated since December 1959, has    worked for most major contractors, developers, and government agencies in California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Arizona.

     California Drilling & Blasting Co., Inc. specializes in controlled blasting operations of all types, including subdivisions, rock quarries, highways, pipelines, demolition and offshore projects.

     We are committed to safe and legal operations, enforcing the guidelines required by city, county, state and federal agencies including OSHA and MSHA. Our insurance exceeds all limits; our blasters are licensed in continuous education and technical training. Our safety director is involved in all operations, regardless of size, on a daily basis, ensuring proper permitting, safety meetings and submitting of reports.

     California Drilling & Blasting Co., Inc. has over 30 blast hole drills, ranging from air tracks, self-contained hydraulic drills to rotary down the hole hammer blast hole drills. Our fine fleet of blast hole drills and superior personnel allows us to offer our customers the type of operation they can depend on to meet their production schedules in a timely manner.

     We have a very proud history of success with a great reputation. California Drilling and Blasting Company, Inc. has set the standard that others aspire to. Contact us and join our long list of successful ``partners."

California Drilling & Blasting, Inc.
P. O. Box 4607
El Monte, CA 91734-0607
Tel: (626) 443-0310
Fax: (626) 575-2848

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